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Rachel Collignon

current  work

  • 'Leave Me Tender' :  my first film, shot last summer, is currently playing in festivals around the world

  • 'Earth To Venus': my second play, currently in writing and producing process, to be programmed for the spring. 

  • 'TITTS': Take It To The Stage, co-hosting artist salons and open mic in Manhattan's Upper East Side

sneak peak
pour rach

My work takes several different forms.
Mainly, I'm an actor in theatre, film, and voice, from intricate drama to the silliest comedies.
Also mainly, I'm a writer. Screenplays, theatre plays, songs...
I compose music and sing as well, for the stage, or for other artists to interpret. I'm currently working on my first EP.
I also edit film, and direct for the theatre and film.

I trained in the Classe Libre in Paris and in the Atlantic Conservatory in NYC. 

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