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Rachel Collignon

current  work

'Leave Me Tender' :  my first film, shot last summer, is currently playing in festivals around the world

'Earth To Venus': my second play, currently in writing and producing process, to be programmed for the spring. 

'Jeudi': Composed the score to this French theatre play by Theo Delezenne, currently playing in Paris.

'TITTS': Take It To The Stage, co-hosting artist salons and open mic in Manhattan's Upper East Side

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My work takes several different forms.
Mainly, I'm an actor in theatre, film, and voice, from intricate drama to the silliest comedies.
Also mainly, I'm a writer. Screenplays, theatre plays, songs...
I compose music and sing as well, for the stage, or for other artists to interpret. I'm currently working on my first EP.
I also edit film, and direct for the theatre and film.

I trained in the Classe Libre in Paris and in the Atlantic Conservatory in NYC. 

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